Open Studios

Today is the last day of my photo a day for a year challenge. Doing it has taught me a few things:

1. My organization skills do not exist.

2. I love taking pictures.

3. I can do one small thing a day for an entire year. Except for that one day that I lost somewhere around August 8. (I had a good excuse. My boyfriend’s son was in the hospital, for starters.)

I’m printing photos like mad and inscribing them with their numbers, titles, and dates. And if a miracle happens, they’ll all get posted on the wall outside of my studio, C8, at Poor Yorick tomorrow. Definitely not a good time to be sick, but things like illness tend to pile on at the most inopportune moments. The open studio event coincides with the last day of the project. How can I not post all the photos?

The terrariums are super happy. Fruit is soaking in brandy for sangria. All I need is you to visit.Image