Best Year Ever

Just a couple of years ago I ended a year by wanting to kick its ass on its way out the door.

I ended 2011 sharing a toast with some dear friends acknowledging that year as the best in my life. What changed?

Everything. I attribute it to the people I surround myself with – people who I love, and people who inspire me. To chanting regularly. To singing. To practicing yoga almost every day (for most of the year, anyway). To cultivating positive energy. To being generous when I could be. To teaching yoga. To having a daily artistic practice that inspires me to look for beauty. To theta healing. To Ormus. To growing flowers and vegetables. To working hard and taking responsibility for my actions and decisions. To Pooka. To my terrariums.

Inspired by my friend Cybel, I want to give some thanks:

For singing Purple Rain in the dark 🙂

For taking photos of the 9/11 memorial from the 28th floor and seeing it as a beautiful symbol of progress (and not being afraid of it).

For the Photo a Day project.

For the Maha Shivaratri Puja and the red string that finally broke.

Chatting up Daniel Day Trio outside Stein Eriksen Lodge and sharing the meat plate with them and Heather.

For getting me tickets to the Flaming Lips at SaltAir.  “Every single molecule is right when all of the subatomic pieces come together and unfold themselves … in a second.”

For telling me where to put the ten yantras.

For paying off the last of my restaurant debt!!

For stopping to take pictures of hay bales in Colorado.

For yoga on the salt flats as the sun set, and for the time lapse of the moon rising.

For rainbow shakti church and delicious Blue Bottle and Ritual Roaster Coffee.

For laughing off past troubles with Shiva Rea, and for Jennifer Ellen supporting my heart.

For digging up artifacts in a London garden.

For watching “The Golden Circle” and turning my students on to it.

Rediscovering Genesis’ Foxtrot on vinyl. “He’s a supersonic scientist! He’s a guaranteed eternal sanctuary man.”

Hysterical laughter at Element 11.

For you teaching me to play Adventure Time on the Ukelele. And the harmonium.

For making it in to see Phantogram even though the show was sold out.

For the apron teapot photo shoot at the Spiral Jetty.

For the full moon total lunar eclipse on my birthday.

For sitting atop a polar bear on Halloween.

For rediscovering sewing and making Finn/Fiona costumes.

For getting a studio at Poor Yorick and opening my studio to you.

For you coming to my classes at Shiva Centre.

For letting me borrow your truck.

For the pear themed dinner.

For teaching at Salt Lake Community College (and learning more from you than you from me).

For the divine IPO.

For hearing my requests on Dave Morrissey’s show on KRCL.

For Katie. For Danielle. For Adrienne (may she rest in peace). For Tyler.

Originally written January 30, 212

What is yoga? A photo exhibit


A friend asked me to contribute a photo to an exhibit Prana Yoga Trolley Square is doing online (on Facebook). I’m on vacation from work this week, and although I intended to go to class every day, I haven’t. That doesn’t mean I haven’t practiced. Standing in tadasana (alignment challenged, I’ll admit) in yellow rain boots, surveying my plant purchases, pausing between breaths? That’s yoga.

P.S., a note from Harper. “weres your rootbear?”

Originally written May 25, 2012