#260 This is my world, thanks to Danielle

When someone really gets you

To say this gift absolutely blew me away is an understatement. My friend Danielle showed up to my party last month with a birthday present–a five inch by five inch shadow box that’s a little replica of my art studio. Pooka’s sitting on a plush chair that Brock made. A tiny terrarium sits on a table. There’s a calendar on one wall open to December, with the 9 in red. The photo for that month is photo of the day #220 — a picture of the spoon tomatoes I grew this summer. On another wall of the studio, there’s a framed photo of me and Tyler as Fiona and Finn (from Halloween). My recent photo of Ganesh is framed on the back wall. The shadowbox walls are painted the same green as the studio walls, and she hung tiny tibetan prayer flags (which dear Emiline gave me as an early birthday present) across the top.