Elephant Style

I offer this puja to my homie Ganesha

I’ve gone back to chanting to Ganesh every day, and got the courage to teach a little mantra in my basics class. We chanted Om gam ganapataye namaha (just 9 times, a nice division of 108). Tonight’s is my favorite playlist so far, I believe:

Elephant Style, The Dum Dum Project
Om (Invocation), M.C. Yogi
Elephant Power (feat. Bhagavan Das), M.C. Yogi
Ganesh is Fresh (feat. Jai Uttal), M.C. Yogi
Shiva Gospel. Bhagavan Das
Jaia Ganesha, The Dum Dum Project
Ganesha, Wah!
Within You Without You, Patti Smith
Within You Without You-Tomorrow Never Knows, The Beatles
elephant’s memory, Martin Sexton
Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth), George Harrison
Krishna Arati, Bhagavan Das

It starts out with beat, and repeats chants to Ganesh for about 15 minutes (let’s shake that sh*t up!), then gets introspective and soulful with Patti Smith, and the Beatles (inspired by miss Sarah Kohl, @sarahsana). Plus Bhagavan Das’s Krishna Arati for savasana. LOVE.

This is the fourth week in a row I’ve played George Harrison. I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t really know who my favorite Beatle was until about a month ago. Now I can’t stop listening to him. After three weeks of My Sweet Lord, I went for some variety. Give me love. Give me love. Give me peace on earth.

Loka samastha sukhino bhavantu.

6 thoughts on “Elephant Style

    • Holy cow, the idea of needing a license to play music in class has got me thinking. I hope we don’t need one! I believe George Harrison would love to have yogis grooving to his songs in a class setting.

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