The soundtrack of yoga and life

Some playlists come together quickly, some with more thought. And some playlists are better than the class was. That’s how I felt about this one. Class was good, but I’m not thinking over and over again about all those upward facing dogs and cobras (the class is basics, so we spent lots of time on those poses we usually breathe through and move in and out of so quickly in vinyasa). I keep listening to this mix over and over. Very inspired by Derek Beres’ amazing list this week, and by Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited soundtrack. And the people I got to share it with.

Enjoy. ❤

Solitude Geoffrey Oryema

Caracol (Chancha Via Circuito Remix) Tremor

Bolo Ram, Wah!

Neti-neti: The Hear and Now Remix, DJ Cheb I Sabbah, Don Cherry & Sharon Gannon

Vamsi Dhari, Rasa

Strangers, The Kinks

Saraswati Mata, Daphne Tse

Play With Fire, The Rolling Stones

Never Give Up, Tribali

Here to There, Sonya Kitchell

Pop Art Blue, Zero 7

Djorolen, Béla Fleck

Beautiful, Moby

Gotta say, Beautiful is pretty great for savasana.

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