Today’s playlist

I subbed for a friend tonight at Shiva Centre, my favorite studio in Utah. It was a level II class, and one of the students told me before we started, “we’re experienced. We can do a lot.” I wanted to start with Ishta Diksha, the initiation into ISHTA yoga, one of the core practices from my main teacher, Alan Finger. “We’re starting with something that may be challenging in a different way,” I said. Sitting still for 15 minutes can be challenging when the room is not warm, even though I had turned up the heat.  We started with nadi shodanna, alternate nostril breathing, to calm the mind and move away from external senses. Then we moved into the Hum Sa kriya–breathing up and down the spine, clearing stagnant energy and magnetizing consciousness to the spine, the central cord of intelligence. And then, the magical ajna bedhana, piercing the third eye, by moistening one fingertip and placing it at the third eye, drawing the consciousness inward even deeper. We played with prana, sensing it between our palms, and then placing the palms over the eyes, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the pelvis, and rooting down and massaging the energy down the legs, into the calves and the soles of the feet. We lay in savasana for a minute before moving on to the more intense asana. Lots of hip openers and twists and arm balances. This is the playlist we moved to after the silence and stillness of Ishta Diksha:

Guru Invocation, Govindas and Radha

Goddess Invocation, Go-Ray & Duke

Ganesha, Wah!

Hari Om Shiva Om (Cheb i Sabbah’s Desi Remix)

Govinda Fly, Sharon Gannon

Sri Krishna Chaitanya, Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe

Narayana/For Your Love, Krishna Das

Govinda Fly (EarthRise SoundSystem Remix)

Shri Krishna, Kelly Britton

Jai Ma (Freedom Song), Suzanne Sterling

Satellite, BT

Afterward, one of my students gave me some homemade peach-blackberry jam. Oh, and an onion. ❤

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