Happy Birthday Mantra

Happy heart

When you read or hear the words over and over, how can it not in reality be a happy birthday? The posts on Facebook and Twitter started before my birthday, and by the end of the day, I counted over 130 well-wishes. 130 plus, and that’s not counting phone calls, cards, emails or gifts. I thought back to the time before this Facebook phenomenon. My family, a few friends, and maybe a couple of co-workers would remember, since the company posts a list of birthdays each month. Imagine hearing (or reading, actually) “happy birthday!” every seven minutes throughout the day. Some wishes were simple. Some were so personal and touching. All the love made turning 50 liberating and joyful.

The repetition factor reminded me of the power of mantras. Sharon Gannon, in an interview with MindBodyGreen, says, “Mantras act like medicine to make one whole again by dissolving inner conflicts and divisions … Through reciting or even hearing mantra one can stop the thinking mind and rest in the stillness of feeling which is a place without boundaries, where one’s sense of self expands to include others and possibly the whole of reality—a holy place.”

She says that mantras are “the essential tools of the magician as well as the yogi. Yoga is a magical practice, which causes a shift of one’s perception of reality (or of self and other) towards a more whole or holy perception where differences and divisions dissolve into unity and Oneness is realized as the truth.”

Mantra repetition has become a core part of my practice this year. Chanting mantras can shift your energy, calm your mind, and become real the more you repeat them.