I’ve participated in the Global Mala project and love the practice of 108 surya namaskar–sun salutations–for peace. This year, YogaAid did something innovative–instead of charging participants (the past Global Mala model), it built a site that, when registering participants, created a fundraising page for them. Fascinated by this whole social media for good concept, I did an experiment. I made a goal of raising $1008. Why not aim high? In my experiment to harness social media for good, I posted links to my fundraising page from Facebook and Twitter. The result? 14 donations totaling $378.80. The money my friends donated for me is going to Off the Mat, into the World, an organization I have been meaning to get involved in ever since taking a workshop with Seane Corn years ago.

You can still donate!

The event starts in 90 minutes. I’ll let you know how it goes. ❤